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Ryan Giggs

Ryan Joseph Giggs (born 29 November 1973 in
Cardiff) is a football (soccer)|football player
for Manchester United F.C.|Manchester United.
Originally named Ryan Joseph Wilson, he
subsequently adopted his mother's surname. He was
born in Wales, but was brought up in England. He
played for the England Schoolboys team, but plays
for the Wales national football team|Welsh
national team as an adult. Contrary to popular
opinion, Giggs could not have played for the full
England national side. He could only play for the
English Schools team because he went to school
there. In order to play for the England national
team, he would have had to be born in England or
have had English parents or grandparents. However,
both his parents and all four grandparents are
Welsh. He is the top all time scorer in the FA
Premier League not to play in a striker position.

Giggs is the most decorated footballer in the
history of Manchester United, having won eight
Premier League championship (a record he shares
with Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool's Alan Hansen, Phil
Neal and Kenny Dalglish), one UEFA Champions
League|Champions League and four FA Cup titles. He
has also won the PFA Young Player of the Year
award twice.

A left-sided winger (sport)|winger who
occasionally plays as a supporting striker for
United, Giggs' finest goal came in the 1999 FA Cup
semi-final replay against Arsenal F.C.|Arsenal,
where his extra time|extra-time solo run from the
half-way line, dribbling past three defenders, won
the match for his team.

The Ryan Giggs chant often heard from the fans
during the Manchester United games is as follows,
"Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Running down the wing,
Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Can do anything, Feared by
the Blues, Loved by the Reds, Ryan Giggs, Ryan
Giggs, Ryan Giggs." Another chant goes, "Giggs,
Giggs will tear you apart, again", adapted from
the Joy Division (band)|Joy Division song 'Love
will tear us apart'.

During the first half of the FA Premier League
2004-05|2004-05 season, Giggs was linked in
transfer speculation with Newcastle United
F.C.|Newcastle United. However, no move was made
before the transfer window closed on 31 January
2005. After the season, Giggs signed a two-year
extension with Man United, after chairman David
Gill relented on his normal policy of not signing
players over 30 to deals longer than one year. The
extension, which runs through July 2008, will
effectively keep him at Old Trafford
(football)|Old Trafford for the remainder of his
playing career.

His nickname is The Welsh Wizard.

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