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Marcel Desailly

Marcel Desailly (born September 7, 1968 in Accra,
Ghana) is a Ghanaian football (soccer)|football
player, of Ga(people) | Ga descent, currently a
citizen of France and a former star for French
national football team|its national team, with
whom he won the Football World Cup 1998|1998 World
Cup and 2000 European Football Championship|Euro

Desailly moved to France after he was
adoption|adopted as a young child by a French
diplomat, and began his career in FC Nantes
Atlantique|FC Nantes. In 1992, he moved to
Olympique de Marseille, and won the European Cup
the following year. In 1994, while a member of
A.C. Milan|AC Milan, he again won the Cup, being
the first player to win the Cup in consecutive
seasons with different clubs. Although he prefers
to be a defender (football)|defender, he also
played midfielder|midfield for some time.

Desailly then moved to the England|English club,
Chelsea F.C.|Chelsea FC, where he played
centre-back until the end of the FA Premier League
2003-04|2003-04 season. After 2004 European
Football Championship|Euro 2004, he retired from
international football as the all-time leader in
cap (football)|appearances for France (116). He
currently plays for the Al Gharafa club in Qatar.

Desailly is considered one of the most
accomplished players in the game and one of the
best players of the past two decades, having won
virtually every major team award.

*FC Nantes Atlantique (1986-92)
*Olympique de Marseille (1992-94)
**Ligue 1|Premier Division Championship 1992/93
(club stripped of title after a match fixing
**UEFA Champions League|Champions League 1993
*A.C. Milan|AC Milan (1994-98)
**Serie A Championship 1993/94, 1995/96
**UEFA Champions League|Champions League 1994
**European Super Cup 1994 1998
*Chelsea F.C. (1998-2004)
**FA Cup 1999/2000
*Al Gharafa (2004-2005)
*Qatar Sports Club (2005-present)
*France national football team
**Football World Cup|World Cup 1998
**European Football Championship 2000

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